Household and Office Furniture

We can take away all your unwanted furniture from your home, office or warehouse .

We can take lounges sofas mattresses , dining tables filing cabinets . Our team will come to your premises and will carefully take away and remove your old furniture and load it up and remove it hassle free . We only charge for the amount that you have and charge by a simple cheap cubic meter rate .
At OTG Rubbish Removals we operate a very simple and efficient business . We always recycle first !

If you have unwanted ottomans ,sofa beds , computers , e waste , dressers and drawers , storage chests , we can usually recycle these or donate them to charities , welfare organisations or other local groups .We salvage as much as we can and try to save as many items from going to landfill as possible .

We offer a fast
Rubbish Removal Service

We also take construction rubbish and hard waste . We can take concrete , bricks , cement road tar , tiles renovation rubble . Most of these can also be take to sites that can be crushed down and recycled . We also take green waste , soil , branches , shrubs and leaves .At your home we can help to cut up small branches and trees and then load them up and take them away .
All types of metals can also be taken , white goods , refridgerators , microwaves , ovens , old garage doors , air conditioning units ,wiring , copper piping , old car and truck batteries ,old car parts and all types of scrap metals .
As an example when you recycle aluminium it takes 95% less energy than producing the same product from raw materials .

Electronic waste from office buildings such as computers ,laptops, monitors and printers can also be taken away to recycling centres , this is much better as it stops leaching of toxic chemicals such as cadmium ,lead and mercury which can leach into the soil if it is left in landfill .

At OTG Rubbish Removals we have a commitment to help the environment.

We operate Sydney wide 7 days a week
We hand load your rubbish and take it away!
Your Rubbish Is Our Business