What areas do we cover ?
We operate 7 days a week so we can remove your rubbish in the suburbs listed below :

We will happily remove residential , construction and commercial rubbish in the South Sydney Area .
We have many happy clients from local residents to businesses that need their rubbish removed on a regular basis .

We can assist you in single item rubbish removal pick ups to jobs that require more manpower .
Do you have a difficult rubbish removal job that needs doing ?

We can remove spas , sheds , old sheds and also defit shops and storefronts.
We have a wide variety of tools and experience to help you solve your problem quickly and efficiently !
Call us today to see if we an assist you

What junk, waste and rubbish we take ?

  • Old refrigeration Units
  •  Large commercial fridges
  • Microwaves
  •  Old x ray machines
  • garage doors
  • large hard to move bulky items
  • and much much more !